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If you have been considering buying an RV, this may be the time for action. With today's RV loan rates at historically low levels, currently starting from 4.49% to 4.87% for up to 20 years, even the sagging economy can't contain the enticement of exceptional financing terms* and rock bottom unit prices.

Now that the the national economy appears to be stabilizing, the plummeting interest rates of recent years have seemingly leveled off. We also appear to have become more economically stable, with favorable conditions for qualified RV buyers.

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The outrageous 6% to 8% rv loan rates that were common before 2008 are gone for now. But, trust me... They are not forgotton. The ecomomic recovery is well underway, and interest rates are sure to rise; it's only a question of when.

In other words, if you've been "hunting" for a new RV - Now may be the time to pull the trigger.

The Federal Reserve Board says it now "hopes" to keep interest rates at their current levels. Or, at least until their next meeting, economic change, or whatever conditions that may arise. So, even if price inflation hits, which is "one" of the worst case scenarios, you are still protected by locking in your best RV financing rates now.

Compare the RV market to the auto sales market of the last few years. Used car prices have been on the rise since early 2010. New car sales are beginning to gain momentum because used auto prices are almost as high as new units. Demand has finally caught up with supply.

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This could easily mirror the foreseeable future of the sales market for RVs. The limited supply produced by manufacturers in recent years, and the large numbers of retiring baby boomers, suggests the demand for RVs will continue to climb. The economy, relating to RV sales, is moving from a buyer's market, to that of the seller. As demand continues to rise, supply will soon begin to become more limited.

As of mid 2017, we have begun to see a big trend in older, used, "Luxury RVs". They took a BIG hit in value over the recession, and now people are looking at these over-built - and now, under-priced beauties as an affordable option. Luckily, SOME of our lenders have seen the safety in financing an older unit, (Up to 12 model years old, or more), and are approving loans on more and more older motorhomes.

At RV dealerships across the nation, spirits are high. Manufacturers shipments of RVs for this year have been forecast at their highest levels since 2007. Currently, RV prices have remained more than reasonable, and for qualified buyers, financing rates and terms are exceptional; if you know how and where to look.

Now, as the "economic dust" has begun to settle, the few remaining RV lenders are competing to offer the best rates as old lenders are beginning to re-enter the market. As an additional incentive, most recreational vehicle borrowers are still able to claim the RV loan interest paid as a tax deduction if they have no other 2nd home.

We all have our financial comfort zones, and know how much we can afford to reasonably add to that. When we look at all the facts, it becomes a compelling argument to buy now, rather than wait until the rates, and prices have risen beyond our financial ability.

Once again, if you're going to make a move - You might consider making it soon.

With all that we've been through in the "Great Recession", it is a pleasure writing about good news. Looking forward, I see opportunities ahead and I can't help but feel bullish for the year to come.

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Barry Wilder - President
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