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RV Financing, Motor Home Buying & Selling Information

Best Rate Financial Services has supplied this list of RV articles and related information. Most all of our articles are written by "Expert Author" and owner of Best Rate, Inc. Barry Wilder - Previous owner of Wilder RVs Dealerships.

The Dealer is Not the Enemy

A slightly humorous, yet insightful look at the various aspects of purchasing an RV from a dealer, online or from an individual.

Recreational Vehicle Financing Rates & News

The improved economy and growing consumer confidence should stimulate increased sales of RVs, and lower RV financing rates.

EASY RV Loan Pre-Approval Tips

As simple as an RV loan pre-approval seems, there are many factors to consider and become familiar with before you apply.

Buying and Financing an RV on the Internet

How the Internet has evolved from small online shopping sites to major purchases and RV loans all across the country.

Best RV Interest Rates - The Time is Now!

An insight into the current economy and how it affects interest rates on RV Loans. It may be better to buy now - than later.

Internet RV Financing vs. Dealer Financing

What are some of the main advantages and disadvantages of Internet RV financing vs. RV dealership (F&I Department) financing?

How to Buy and Sell RVs on eBay

An in-depth look at the different strategies and sources of help in buying, selling and financing the RV you buy on eBay.

The RV Loan Approval Process

The RV loan approval process and why it is harder to finance a motorhome than to buy a house. Be prepared to purchase when the right RV comes along.

RV Loan Credit Report Basics

Understanding your credit report and how it affects your RV loan approval. Credit score and payment history requirements.

Insider RV Financing Secrets

Various financing strategies used by savvy insiders to help in lowering effective interest rates, terms and payments.

RV Refinancing Strategies

An insightful look at traditional and non-traditional sources of RV financing and refinancing such as dealers, banks, and the Internet.

Determining Your RV's ACV - Trade In Value

A truthful examination of the methods RV dealers utilize in determining the ACV (actual cash value) of your trade-in.

Financing an RV from a Private Seller

Purchasing an RV from a Private Seller can have many advantages, however, there are many pitfalls as well.

RV Loans - For Sale by Owner Sellers

Financing an RV from "For Sale by Owner sellers is not as difficult as it may seem. This is the 2nd part of the article above.

RV Warranties - Extended Service Contracts

What are the pros and cons of RV Warranties, also referred to as Extended Service Contracts: What should you look for? (And look-out for...)

RV Loan Guidelines

A look at common factors RV lenders use in underwriting and approving these types of RV loans. It's different than you may think.

RV Insurance Coverage

Basic differences between auto and RV insurance. Coverage options such as contents, towing and others.

RV Loan Tax Deduction

We are commonly asked by our clients about the RV loan tax deduction. The basics of this great tax deduction are discussed.

Tightwad's RV Tech Tips for the Seasons

These tips are gems of RV wisdom from a seasoned - OK, we really mean "Old" RV Technician.

Tightwad's Answers to "Newbie" RVer Questions

There are no stupid questions, only stupid answers... "What type of RV should I buy? A class-A, 5th wheel, travel trailer, etc."

RV Manufacturers List

Here is a comprehensive list of North American RV Manufacturers. It is meant to cover the most commonly financed RV types.


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